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SideQuest Production’s mission is to develop modern storytelling by creating a bridge between artists and technology. We value cultivating artistic partnerships and adding new perspectives to the creative landscape. Our team is committed to using technology to enhance and innovate live entertainment. 


SideQuest began in July of 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our group of founding collaborators saw the need for innovation in live entertainment and questioned what could be creatively produced from home. We focused on using technology in brand new ways to create a live production experience both for artists and audience. Through this initial production process we engaged 18 artists in a remarkably inventive livestream web series, creating six completely original episodes. Our designers used technology in ways that had not been done before and our performers were able to creatively adapt to the situation at hand. SideQuest is truly at the forefront of creating new means of live entertainment.

Our team of incredibly qualified artists worked together professionally for many years prior to founding SideQuest. We come from a variety of backgrounds, including Theatre Administration, Production/Stage Management, Playwriting, Directing, Scenic Design, Lighting Design, Music/Sound Design, Digital Animation, and much more. Our blend of skills lends itself very well to producing work that has a level of depth and professionalism only SideQuest can provide.


Our company currently has seven Artistic Associates, all of which are founding members. We are always seeking other artists and companies to engage with to create new and imaginative works of entertainment. With a six-episode livestreamed web series under our belt, we are looking forward to connecting with our audiences not only through a fully developed Spring 2021 season, but also through educational programming that includes instructional videos and other forms of virtual outreach. What makes SideQuest Productions unique is that not only do we produce our own work, but we present, educate, and consult as well. We seek to help other individuals and organizations create technologically sound work.

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