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Dani Maupin

Dani grew up at the end of an exceedingly small farm-town in Ansbach Germany, where alongside her siblings, she learned how to avoid flocks of geese, and leap from roofs without breaking herself. After high school she attended University in Scotland for technical theatre, where she achieved her first master’s degree. Ever in search of edification, she is not only proud, but also honored to claim a hard-earned master’s degree in illustration from Cal State Fullerton. 


Now, in her late thirties, she shovels snow, writes for multiple platforms, and watches squirrels ruin her garden in upper upper upper Wisconsin (which would basically be Canada, if not for a great lake).  She believes in knowing how things work, so in that regard she is a fully capable carpenter and general engineer.   For her, being a writer and illustrator is a stellar way to communicate ideas, and she will always consider the emotional impact of art more important than the rules of composition.

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