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Grace Gaither

Grace was born in a small, little known city, called Glendale. She didn't stay for long though as she was whisked away to travel with her parents around the United States until after 3 and half long years, where she wound up in a little northern state you may know called Canada. A few short moves later, she landed in Belgium where she had one of her first jobs as a fire performer. After her European days, she flew back to America to study and later get her major in English at UC Davis. There she studied English and became an Event Coordinator and a Theatre Electrician. During her summer and winter breaks, she stage-managed for FPAC. After graduation she went on to work as an assistant to the way-too-god-damn-wealthy, an ASM, and an Electrician. She loves being helpful, new challenges, long walks on the beach (not the sand), free food, and helping to create art.

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